PepsiCo Inc.


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PepsiCo is the parent company of 22 iconic brands, such as Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Gatorade, and Quaker. My group members and I are very proud to be able to work closely with PepsiCo in this project. We are tasked to design a recruitment marketing campaign that will help PepsiCo to attract more female workers to alleviate the severe gender imbalance in warehouse and distribution center.

So, we created this women-focused recruitment campaign—Women Are for Pepsico with 10 different marketing strategies:

  1. Print and Magazine
  2. Television
  3. Ambient (Out of Home)
  4. Ambient (Guerrilla)
  5. Interactive (Digital)
  6. Interactive (Direct Experience)
  7. Social
  8. Radio
  9. Public Relations
  10. Internal Roll-out


This is the rough cut (seriously, it is rough) for the idea of our campaign.

We tried to go with a fun and sarcastic tone with our campaign because there are lots of existing campaign that pushes on gender equality. So, our group unanimously voted for this voice of tone.

The video will stress on how women can do things that men thinks only they can achieve or master, such as lifting, driving, or protecting themselves. We originally wanted to shoot it in an empty studio, and get the seamless “one-shot” type of look. However, due to the lack of time, budget, and videography skills, our plan was not executed.

This is the biggest imperfection in this campaign; I learned that despite that we could not turn our expectations into reality perfectly, we should have tried to draw some story board or maybe create it in a miniature setting to show our ideas, instead of compromising our ideas.

Despite so, he PepsiCo project is perhaps the most well-rounded project I have ever done; we were awarded the M[AD] Fork Gold Award for our campaign and Popular Video Award for our video advertisement when competing against 16 other groups.

View our PepsiCo Proposal